This historic Italian bank invests in cryptocurrencies – its customers not at the end of their surprises

Criptovalute, per favore – More and more banks want to gain exposure to the growing cryptocurrency industry. This is now the case of Banca Generali, in Italy, which announces that it has made a large investment in the crypto-company of the wallet Conio, and which promises much more for 2021.

$ 14 million invested in a crypto-startup

The Banca Generali is one of the largest Italian banks. It is a private institution, specializing in the management of wealth for very wealthy clients.

Via a press release issued on 15 December, the institution announced it invested no less than $ 14 million in the crypto-business Conio , which proposes in particular a wallet Bitcoin (BTC). Banca Generali has thus become the main investor in a capital increase operation of the young crypto company.

This commercial partnership between Conio and Banca Generali will allow the bank to benefit from the startup’s crypto-asset custody and trading services . Bitcoin Up app already manages more than 150,000 cryptocurrency wallets for its mainly Italian clients.

Conio explains that he has developed a proprietary technology with patents designed to ensure the security of crypto storage , while reducing counterparty risk . In particular a patented guard system, based on multi-signatures , with 3 security keys.

A crypto offer to wealthy clients

Another important revelation: thanks to this agreement with Conio, the Italian bank announces that it will allow access to Bitcoin and other crypto-assets to its customers, starting in 2021 .

“(…) We anticipate that the future structure of financial markets will be influenced by blockchain technology, which continues to enable innovation through cryptocurrencies and in many other areas of the financial ecosystem. (…) The agreement with Conio means an extension of the services offered to our customers and a collaboration with a partner oriented towards innovation (…) ”

Christian Miccoli , co-CEO of Conio, also states that:

“This agreement with the Banca Generali is a big step towards a new era for the entire financial system (…). After 10 years of development and stabilization of their sector, cryptocurrencies are now entering a new tangible phase, entering the range of services of financial institutions. “

Without heavy regulatory barriers , the cryptosphere in Italy can progress and innovate to the point of now reaching the banks. For its part, thanks to this partnership with Conio, Banca Generali ensures that it is among the first transalpine banks to be able to offer cryptocurrencies directly, managed through its bank account.

Square and Grayscale purchased $2.3 billion worth of Bitcoin in the third quarter of 2020

The Bitcoin (BTC) share price has risen sharply in recent months. At the time of writing, the price of 1 BTC is around $15,300. The demand for BTC is unprecedentedly high among a number of large parties.

Billions of bitcoin

US companies Square and Grayscale bought BTC for $2.3 billion in the third quarter of 2020.

By way of comparison, in the same period of time, miners earned around $1 billion in bitcoin. This means that much more bitcoin was purchased by these two parties alone than new BTC became available.

That does not mean, by the way, that miners sell all that bitcoin. In addition to miners, there is, of course, a global market with potential sellers.

Square and Grayscale

Square bought 4,709 bitcoin as a saver. In addition, with Cash App, the tech company has a popular trading app in its hands. Via Cash App, Square sells hundreds of million of bitcoin per month.

Grayscale buys bitcoin for their bitcoin news trader fund. Investors can buy a share in the Grayscale Bitcoin Fund. With such a share you do not have to buy bitcoin yourself, but you can take advantage of any price increases. Grayscale recently bought BTC for $300 million within 24 hours.

Grayscale and Square are just two prominent players in the world of bitcoin. There are also millions of retail investors and other companies who also like to buy bitcoin.

If the demand remains the same, the question is when the liquidity on the sales side will dry up. Each time bitcoin goes from stock exchanges to a different address, which indicates a trend in which bitcoiners do not want to sell so quickly anymore.

And then there are also parties that are eager to offer bitcoin on a large scale. The most eye-catching name is PayPal. They are also going to facilitate the trade in bitcoin. Important note: with the Cash App, for example, you buy bitcoin which you can send to your own address. This is not possible with PayPal.

The bitcoin that PayPal buys remains in the company’s ecosystem. The logical consequence of this is that this BTC does not quickly come onto the market. In short: there will be even less bitcoin on the market to sell.

Crypto Lending: The Top Projects in the DeFi Sector

Crypto lending is currently the largest sector in the Ethereum Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector. More than $ 4.5 billion is in lending logs and the growth doesn’t seem to have stopped for a long time. On the contrary: Many suspect that 2020 will only mark the beginning for the emerging Ethereum sector.

The DeFi lending platforms want to make traditional financial services accessible to everyone without hurdles

The aim is to create an open banking system in which there is no central authority that controls the service.

With DeFi lending, investors and lenders use a decentralized system to issue loans or deposits against interest. Thus an individual or a company lends money against interest via a decentralized network. DApps, smart contracts, and other Immediate Edge scam protocols are used in both lending and borrowing.

What is crypto lending?

DeFi loans are different from traditional lending and offer users various advantages and disadvantages.

Hedge Funding

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and many investors are quickly frustrated by price fluctuations. DeFi-Lending offers investors the opportunity to deposit cryptocurrencies for fiat money. This allows investors to use fiat money to meet other needs without selling their cryptocurrencies.

For example, a company that holds crypto assets and doesn’t want to sell them could simply turn to a DeFi lending platform to deposit crypto for fiat. This would allow the company to finance a project without selling its crypto holdings.

Returns on holding crypto assets

In addition, you can be rewarded for holding your crypto assets without giving your cryptocurrencies to an outside party. This works by lending your assets at agreed interest rates that are set in a smart contract and receiving returns in return. Thus, as an individual, you can become your own bank. In the following, we take a closer look at the five largest lending platforms.

Bitcoin har overgået alle andre aktivklasser i år: Anthony Pompliano

Vocal Bitcoin-talsmand Anthony Pompliano (også kaldet „Pomp“) har offentliggjort en Twitter-tråd for at smække de „talende hoveder“, der har kritiseret Bitcoin.

Pomp foreslår sine grunde til, at han mener, at flagskibskrypto-valuta fortsat er et fremragende aktiv i sikker havn.

„‚At tage hoveder‘ er bevist forkert“

Anthony Pompliano offentliggjorde et tweet, hvor han forklarede, at hans synspunkter om Bitcoin fortsat var en god sikker havn.

Pomp kiggede på flere teser fremført af Bitcoin-skeptikere og konfronterede kritikerne med hans argumenter.

Hvorfor har Bitcoin-hadere talt imod BTC igen i år? Hovedårsagen er det økonomiske chok, der opstod i marts og april, hvor sort torsdag fandt sted den 12. marts.

Dengang styrtede Bitcoin sammen med altcoins. Aktiemarkedet fulgte, og det samme gjorde olie og kastede sig under nul. Da krisen ramte, begyndte mange mennesker at sælge ikke kun Bitcoin, men også andre likvide aktiver, forklarer Pomp.

„Bitcoin er steget med 300 procent siden laveste marts“

Pomp fortsætter og siger, at Bitcoin siden markedskatastrofen i marts (syv måneder siden) nu er steget over 300 procent og er steget med 83 procent år til dato.

Det har gjort det meget bedre end nogen anden aktivklasse i år målt i værdi:

„Bitcoin er steget med 83% fra år til dato og op med mere end 300% siden nedturen i marts. Det har overgået alle andre aktivklasser med et væsentligt beløb.“

„Bitcoins korrelation til aktier er nul“

Pompliano påpegede, at det største argument, de „talende hoveder“ har brugt, er, at Bitcoin i de hårde tider for økonomien tilbage i marts / april var korreleret med andre aktiver.

Kritikere brugte det som grundlag for at sige, at Bitcoin ikke er nogen inflationsafdækning. Pomp hævdede, at det samme skete med guld, aktier og andre markeder, og at det var en midlertidig ting.

Lige nu tweeterede Pomp, Bitcoins korrelation med de traditionelle markeder er faldet over tid og ligger på nul. Han kalder BTC en ultimativ sikker himmel og siger, at BTC ikke kunne være mere ukorreleret, end den er nu:

„Det overgik aktier, obligationer, guld, olie og stort set alt andet. Det har også en lav eller ingen sammenhæng over nogen væsentlig tid. Bitcoin er den ultimative sikre havn, og markedet viser det.“


  • Bitcoin’s opwaartse beweging is tot stilstand gekomen na de veelbelovende duw van gisteren.
  • Dit stond de prijs van de cryptocurrency toe om omhoog naar $10.800 te schommelen, die is waar het één of andere ernstige weerstand ontmoette die zijn uptrend vertraagde.
  • Ondanks het verwerpen op dit niveau, is de daaropvolgende neerwaartse trend niet zo intens geweest, wat erop wijst dat stieren nog steeds enige onderliggende kracht kunnen hebben.
  • Een analist merkt op dat, hoewel BTC bearish begint te kijken, het feit dat de financieringstarieven over de hele linie nog steeds negatief zijn, een positief teken is voor de vooruitzichten op korte termijn.
  • Omdat er een kostenpremie te kort is, kan het de beren aan kantelen en hulpstieren in het duwen van zijn prijs hoger stimuleren.

De geaggregeerde markt voor cryptokronen is de afgelopen dagen en weken met Bitcoin in een stroomversnelling geraakt.

Hoewel dit ervoor zorgde dat de meeste altcoins eerder deze week lager kelderden, konden ze gisteren wat verlichting zien toen BTC een aanzienlijke duwtje in de rug gaf, waardoor de prijs op een hoogtepunt van $10.800 uitkwam.

Op dit punt, de cryptocurrency onder ogen gezien sommige weerstand die zijn stijging vertraagd en veroorzaakt zijn impuls om te vertragen, vervolgens terug te vallen naar $10.600.

Een analist merkt nu op dat, hoewel Bitcoin er structureel gezien een beetje bearish uitziet, het feit dat de financiering over de hele linie negatief is, hem op zijn hoede maakt voor het betreden van eventuele shortposities.


Op het moment van schrijven handelt Bitcoin met iets meer dan 1% tegen de huidige prijs van $10.645.

De crypto heeft enige steun gevonden net onder het huidige prijsniveau, maar het blijft onduidelijk hoe lang dit zal duren.

Deze recente stap kwam dicht in de buurt van de daling onder $10.200, maar om Bitcoin hoger te krijgen, moeten stieren $10.800 breken en op $11.000 mikken.


Terwijl hij sprak over de vooruitzichten voor de nabije toekomst van Bitcoin, legde een handelaar uit dat zijn marktstructuur er steeds bearisher begint uit te zien als het momentum stagneert.

Hij merkt wel op dat negatieve financiering op dit moment in het voordeel van de stieren werkt.

„Ziet er een beetje bearish uit, maar ik kom niet tekort terwijl de financiering over de hele linie negatief is. Eerste niveaus van interesse: 10400 & 10900.”

Of Bitcoin hoger kan duwen hangt grotendeels af van hoe het blijft reageren op de belangrijkste weerstand net boven de huidige prijs.

Zelfs als het boven de $10.800 breekt, zal de verkoopdruk die rond de $11.000 wordt gevonden aanzienlijk zijn, en mogelijk leiden tot het opnieuw lager winden.

Bitcoin Fundamental Expert: „Klarheit“ kommt nach dem Ende der „Rocky“-Wahl

Ein Experte in der Fundamentalanalyse von Bitcoin behauptet, dass, obwohl die Krypto-Währung derzeit bullish ist, die Dinge bis nach den US-Präsidentschaftswahlen „steinig“ werden könnten.

Doch sobald der Gewinner feststeht, bietet die „Klarheit“ in Verbindung mit der Halbierung des Vermögens in der Vergangenheit eine „solide“ Grundlage für jeden neuen Hausse-Lauf, der beginnen soll.

Halbierung der Bitcoin in der Vergangenheit, Grundlagen bauen auf bullischer Basis auf

Die Halbierung von Bitcoin liegt nun Monate hinter uns, und es ist an der Zeit, dass das Stock-to-Flow-Modell sich bewährt oder den Theorien über die Verlängerung der Zyklen zum Opfer fällt.

Bislang gab es zwar nur eine kleine Stichprobengröße, aber jede Halbierung hat zu einem neuen Aufwärtstrend geführt. Jede Bitcoin-Halbierung findet etwa alle vier Jahre statt, wodurch die Blockbelohnung, die die Bergleute im Rahmen der BTC erhalten, reduziert wird und somit das Angebot, das auf den Markt kommt, abnimmt.

Verschiedene Instrumente, die vom Bitcoin-Fundament-Experten Charles Edwards entwickelt wurden, deuten darauf hin, dass die Krypto-Währung sich auf einen weiteren unglaublichen Aufwärtstrend vorbereitet. Seine Instrumente, wie z.B. die Hash-Bänder, haben den Anlegern einige der profitabelsten Kaufsignale in der Geschichte des Vermögenswertes geliefert.

Edwards hat mehrere wichtige Netzwerk-Gesundheitsmetriken in technische Analyse-Indikatoren umgewandelt. In Edwards‘ jüngstem Diagramm weist er darauf hin, dass der Weg in den nächsten Monaten „steinig“ sein könnte, auch wenn er von diesen Tools verschont geblieben ist, obwohl der Krypto-Asset in der Tat bullish ist.

Krypto-Bullenlauf „Klarheit“ nach der Präsidentschaftswahl

Edwards zufolge sind es die bevorstehenden Präsidentschaftswahlen in den Vereinigten Staaten, die für die steinige Strecke vor Bitcoin verantwortlich sind.

Vergangene Krypto-Marktzyklen zeigen, dass der führende Vermögenswert nach Märkten seinen Aufschwung vor der Wahl steigert und danach in eine „solide“ Performance ausbricht.

Nachdem die wahlbezogenen Unsicherheiten und Risiken von den Märkten genommen sind, steigt die Krypto-Währung auf ein neues Allzeithoch. Da Bitcoin nur eine kurze, etwas mehr als ein Jahrzehnt lange Kurshistorie hat, ist die Stichprobengröße für diesen Fall gering.

Aber die Halbierung ist es auch. Sowohl die Halbierung als auch die Präsidentschaftswahlen finden alle vier Jahre statt, und wir werden bald „Klarheit“ darüber finden, ob sich die Geschichte wiederholen wird oder ob aufgrund der zentralen und polarisierenden Bedeutung dieser Wahl dieser Zeitpunkt für Bitcoin wirklich anders ist.

RSK Bitcoin side chain integrates Dai to connect with DeFi in Ethereum

Interoperable DeFi platforms can help with Ethereum’s high transaction fees.

The team behind the Bitcoin Smart Contract enabled side chain extension, RSK, announced on Tuesday that Maker’s stable Dai currency (DAI) is now available on the platform.

The integration makes it possible to transfer Dai from Ethereum to the RSK side chain, making it available for use in their decentralized financial ecosystem supported by Bitcoin.

The solution uses the Ethereum token bridge developed by the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) team. The bridge blocks these tokens in the Ethereum block chain and coins an equivalent amount in RSK, which guarantees a stable and decentralized linkage through intelligent contracts.

While eliminating the old Dai, Maker must deal with the collateral damage

Dai’s integration has been audited by Trail of Bits and the Maker Foundation Integration Team, according to IOVLabs, the company behind RIF. The commercial pairs for RSK DAI, or rDAI, have been configured in the Uniswap bifurcation of the block chain, RSK Swap.

IOVLabs CEO Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar told Cointelegraph that rDAI is designed as a lower rate alternative to escape Ethereum congestion:

„The current situation of the Ethereum network with its extremely high rates and scalability concerns may limit the retail adoption of IAD, especially for those currently underserved by traditional markets that need small transactions and available rates.

MoneyOnChain launches Rootstock-based IAD competitor and RIF leveraged token

Zaldivar also stated that the use of IADs in RSK offers users a similar level of security to Bitcoin through combined mining and rates up to 50 times lower than in Ethereum.

DAI is one of the leading stable currencies in Ethereum, which was integrated into most DeFi and exchange protocols. It is also one of the few decentralized stable currencies currently on the market, although it has recently increased its exposure to custody risk by adding several centralized stable currencies and wrapped tokens as collateral to create DAI.

MakerDAO is often the first type of DeFi protocol transferred to non-ETHEREUM block chains, and RSK introduces a similar system via Money on Chain.

Bitcoin investors would be switching to ‚Wrapped BTC‘ for yield farming

RSK is positioned as a „DeFi Bitcoin“ platform because of its close relationship to it, but it should be noted that RSK is a separate block chain that takes advantage of Bitcoin security and uses a linked version of BTC.

Bitcoin linked in DeFi is also having considerable success in Ethereum through projects like Wrapped BTC, Ren or tBTC.

The latest move to allow cash transfers from Ethereum highlights a general trend of interoperability observed in many non-ETHEREUM DeFi projects. Some investors and commentators believe that the success of these projects depends on pooling Ether’s liquidity and offering a cheaper alternative to allow for further growth of DeFi.

Mulher indicada em acusações de homicídio por aluguel com Bitcoin-Fueled Murder-for-Hire


  • Uma mulher de Nevada supostamente pagou 12 BTC em 2016 para ordenar um golpe em seu ex-marido.
  • O website escuro acabou por se revelar um esquema.
  • Os agentes federais localizaram-na usando suas iniciais e endereço de e-mail fornecidos à bolsa P2P finlandesa da qual ela comprou o BTC.

Uma mulher de 36 anos de Fallon, Nev. foi acusada de homicídio por aluguel por supostamente tentar pagar a um assassino 5.000 dólares em bitcoin para matar seu ex-marido.

Um comunicado de imprensa emitido pela Procuradoria Distrital dos EUA do Distrito Leste da Califórnia nomeia Kristy Lynn Felkins como o objeto da acusação. De acordo com documentos do tribunal, Felkins contratou os serviços de um pistoleiro através de um site da Darknet em 2016. Ela supostamente pagou 12 BTC – então no valor aproximado de US$ 5.000 – para ordenar um assassinato de seu ex-marido com o qual ela tinha dois filhos.

LocalBitcoins e o Assassino do Contrato

De acordo com a queixa criminal apresentada pelo Ministério Público em fevereiro de 2016, Felkins chegou à administração de um site da Darknet agora extinto que oferecia serviços ilegais como assalto, seqüestro e assassinato por aluguel em troca de moeda criptográfica. A administradora a informou que a morte de seu ex-marido custaria US$ 5.000 em bitcoin, valendo então 12 BTC.

Registros de bate-papo acessados pela Força Tarefa de Economia Digital Ilícita do Norte da Califórnia mostram que usando o pseudônimo „KBGMKN“, Felkins falou extensivamente com a administração que a aconselhou a obter o bitcoin da Crypto Bank. A administradora continuou a informá-la sobre a mistura de moedas, de modo a ofuscar a transação e a descartar qualquer possível investigação de aplicação da lei.

A Raleigh News & Observer relata que o ex-marido de Felkins, Gabriel Scott, estava preparado para embarcar em uma viagem a Chico, Califórnia, na época. Foi durante essa viagem que o assassino deveria atacar e „fazer parecer um assalto“, de acordo com os registros de bate-papo acessados pelos investigadores.

O Desenrolar do Terreno

O suposto pistoleiro, como se viu, era na verdade um impostor e o site era um site fraudulento que anunciava tais serviços sem jamais realizá-los. A denúncia criminal revela que Felkins mais tarde ficou frustrado e tentou obter um reembolso quando o assassino não atirou no marido em seu carro, como ela instruiu. Os registros do bate-papo mostram que ela lhe contou:

„Se vocês não puderem fazer o prometido, é hora de eu parar de perder meu tempo [sic], obter um reembolso e descobrir outra solução“.

O site Darknet e seus registros vieram à tona em 2019 através de um acordo de alegação em um caso separado de pornografia infantil no exterior. O caso, que evoca memórias do infame caso Silk Road, está sendo processado pelos Procuradores Assistentes dos EUA Grant B. Rabenn e Paul Hemesath. Se condenado, Felkins enfrenta até 10 anos de prisão.


La recente stabilità di Bitcoin al di sotto degli 11.000 dollari sembra tradursi in forza tecnica, dato che la crittovaluta sta ora iniziando a spingere più in alto
Resta da vedere se i tori possono o meno estendere il loro slancio e rompere al di sopra della zona di resistenza tra gli 11.000 e gli 11.300 dollari.
Detto questo, gli analisti sono in crescita rialzista su BTC, Crypto Engine in parte perché potrebbe pubblicare una risposta ardente ad un livello di supporto chiave che è stato visitato in precedenza.
Gli analisti stanno ora notando che il suo prossimo trend dipenderà probabilmente principalmente da come reagirà alla pressione di vendita appena al di sopra del suo prezzo attuale.
La Bitcoin sta attualmente esprimendo alcuni segni di forza mentre i tori tentano di superare l’intensa pressione di vendita che è stata precedentemente riscontrata nella regione a meno di 11.000 dollari.

Affinché i tori estendano lo slancio di BTC e lo riportino verso la regione dei 12.000 dollari, devono infrangere la resistenza tra gli 11.000 e gli 11.300 dollari.

14 BTC & 95.000 giri gratis per ogni giocatore, solo in mBitcasino’s Exotic Crypto Paradise! Gioca ora!
Un analista sta persino notando che una pausa sopra questa regione potrebbe essere tutto ciò che serve per spingere BTC fino a $12.000.


Al momento della scrittura, Bitcoin è in crescita di poco meno dell’1% al suo attuale prezzo di 11.000 dollari. Questo segna un notevole rimbalzo rispetto ai minimi giornalieri di 10.750 dollari che sono stati toccati ieri a quest’ora.
Questa azione di prezzo è stata certamente un po‘ domata, e i tori non hanno ancora catalizzato una spinta massiccia verso l’alto.

Detto questo, una volta superata la resistenza tra gli 11.000 e gli 11.300 dollari, dovrebbe esserci un cielo sereno per la criptovaluta fino a raggiungere la regione dei 12.000 dollari.

Questa forza tecnica attuale vista da Bitcoin arriva dopo che ha subito una lenta macinazione più alta che l’ha portata dai minimi di 9.900 dollari fino al suo prezzo attuale.


Uno sviluppo tecnico rialzista nelle ultime 24 ore è l’ardente reazione al livello di supporto di 10.750 dollari che è stato visitato ieri in questo periodo.
Dopo aver toccato questo livello, BTC ha immediatamente visto un rapido rimbalzo che l’ha portata verso il punto in cui sta attualmente operando.

Un analista ritiene che questo sia rialzista e indica che il rialzo potrebbe essere imminente.
„L’area di 10.750 dollari ha tenuto e stiamo mirando di nuovo al range alto qui. Il breaker cruciale per la continuazione del rialzo è di 11.100-11.300 dollari. Se questo si rompe, ci dirigiamo verso i 12.000 dollari“, ha detto mentre puntava al grafico sottostante.


Immagine per gentile concessione di Crypto Michael. Grafico tramite TradingView.
A causa dell’attuale fase di consolidamento del mercato, in cui le tendenze Bitcoin nel prossimo futuro dovrebbero avere alcune implicazioni di vasta portata per gli altcoin.

Investimento Celebrità Jim Cramer Presumibilmente Investire in Bitcoin

Il popolare analista di crittografia Anthony ‚Pomp‘ Pompliano ha affermato di aver convinto il guru degli investimenti Jim Cramer ad acquistare Bitcoin.

Si dice che la celebrità degli investimenti Jim Cramer stia comprando Bitcoin

Il programma televisivo Mad Money di Cramer ha oltre 200.000 spettatori al giorno, e l’annuncio è coinciso con un piccolo rally, ma Jim Cramer è abbastanza influente da galvanizzare i mercati?

Pompliano ha dichiarato che durante un’intervista del 10 settembre ha convinto Jim Cramer a investire in Bitcoin System. Migliaia di utenti di Twitter hanno lodato il messaggio, e anche se non c’è modo di provare la causalità, l’annuncio ha preceduto un piccolo rally a prezzo BTC.

Cramer, un personaggio televisivo con un contegno più grande della vita, aveva già coperto Bitcoin nei suoi show. Tuttavia, non si è mai impegnato a comprarlo. Fino a quel momento, il suo atteggiamento era stato tiepido e scettico.

Eppure, non ha detto alla gente di chiudere un occhio, twittando che un investimento in BTC poteva essere una buona idea.

Recentemente, altri nomi di alto profilo sono saliti a bordo del vagone crittografico. Il leader di Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, ha parlato del suo entusiasmante salto nel gioco ed è apparso in un popolare video su Youtube che parlava di Bitcoin con i gemelli Winklevoss.

A maggio, il manager di hedge fund Paul Tudor Jones ha dichiarato di avere più dell’1% del suo portafoglio in Bitcoin.

Anche se Cramer è meglio conosciuto per il suo show Mad MoneyBitcoin System

Anche se Cramer è meglio conosciuto per il suo show Mad Money, in cui i chiamanti gli chiedono consigli su azioni specifiche, è più di un ospite stravagante. Appare più volte al giorno su CNBC, e il suo atteggiamento „no-nonsense“ è adorato dagli investitori e dai telespettatori. Quest’anno la popolarità di Mad Money è aumentata del 64%.

Inoltre, Cramer ha fondato il popolare sito web di Wall Street e le sue scelte di azioni fanno regolarmente notizia. Le sue opinioni e la sua stessa vita sono diventate una notizia degna di nota. Intervista anche persone importanti del mondo finanziario, come il Segretario del Tesoro Steve Mnuchin.

Purtroppo non sono tutte buone notizie. In una clip di Youtube, Cramer confessa di aver manipolato il mercato quando era un gestore di hedge fund. Secondo il NerdWallet, quell’hedge fund ha realizzato un rendimento annuo del 24%.

Ancora più rivelatori, le ricerche dimostrano che i picconi di Cramer non superano il mercato.

Da parte sua, Pompliano è stato costantemente rialzista, e sarà interessante sentire gli argomenti che hanno fatto cambiare idea a Carmer quando il podcast uscirà lunedì 14 settembre.

Quindi, anche se molti investitori ascoltano le chiamate di Cramer, non tutte le chiamate che fa sono buone. Ma chiunque guardi la CNBC ascolterà probabilmente il suo consiglio, se non lo seguirà. Nel 2017, Cramer ha detto che la Bitcoin potrebbe, un giorno, raggiungere un valore di 1 milione di dollari.