Binance Smart Chain an Ethereum plagiarism?

Binance smart chain an Ethereum plagiarism? Musical Beats shuts down

Taking inspiration from a successful business model is not necessarily reprehensible. However, if it becomes a mere copy, one has to draw the consequences. This has now happened in the case of Musical Beats.

With its Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Binance has entered into direct competition with Ethereum. Now, however, there are more and more accusations that the supposed competition Bitcoin Loophole is in many cases nothing more than a mere copy. This is what has happened with the BSC-based platform Musical Beats, which was shut down just a few days after its launch. This emerges from a tweet which states:

The team has decided to stop developing Users can burn their tokens, there will be some loss of money. We will distribute the developer fund to compensate for the loss of money, still there may be 10 to 20 percent loss. The developer fund will be distributed this Sunday.

The background: Ethereum developers and community members had accused the BSC project of copying from EulerBeats and profiting from its success. EulerBeats transforms the works of Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler into unique visual and audio artworks. Users can add these works to their collection and receive a percentage share from sales of prints of these works.

BSC significantly faster and cheaper than Ethereum

As ConsenSys legal expert Matt Corva also proves on Twitter, the accusation of plagiarism against Musical Beats cannot be dismissed out of hand. He even speaks of a „copy and paste“ process. This is all the more ironic, he says, because EulerBeats is all about copyright ownership.

We will take aggressive action against all actions related to this rip-off and all supporters of this violation of our copyright.
Matt Corva

The Binance Smart Chain launched in September last year and now counts some very successful and popular projects. The way it works is basically identical to that of the Ethereum Blockchain. However, compared to it, BSC offers the advantage of processing transactions both more quickly and more cheaply.

Especially the immensely increased transaction fees have recently caused a decline in the Ethereum community. However, Ethereum is still ahead in important points. Binance CEO Changpeng „CZ“ Zhao should be aware, however, that it is not possible to outdo the competition by merely copying it. To be sure, BSC’s starting point was well chosen. BSC wanted to capitalise on the rising popularity of NFT. Unique digital assets such as trading cards, artwork and songs are now popular assets whose authenticity is secured on the blockchain. Now, however, there seem to be BSC projects that themselves have a problem with their authenticity.

Næsten 90% investorer ser Bitcoin og amerikanske teknologipapirer som bobler: Deutsche Bank Survey

Næsten 90% af respondenterne på Deutsche Banks månedlige markedsfaglige undersøgelse sagde, at de finansielle markeder oplever en række prisbobler.

Disse bobler inkluderer de af Bitcoin og amerikanske tech-aktier, der topper denne liste

Siden marts- udsalget er Bitcoin-prisen steget mere end 10 gange, og i januar ramte den en ny heltidshøjde på $ 42.000 midt i pengeprinterne fra centralbanker rundt om i verden, og renten blev sænket til nul og under nul niveau.

Respondenterne ser også, at værdien af Bitcoin er halveret i de næste 12 måneder. De deler de samme følelser for Elon Musks Tesla, der steg 11,2 gange siden udsalget i marts for at nå toppen af $ 880 tidligere i denne måned.

I henhold til undersøgelsen troede 71% af de 627 undersøgte investorer ikke, at den amerikanske centralbank ville reducere sin stimulus inden året sluttede

I en lignende undersøgelse foretaget af Bank of America erstattede Long Bitcoin lange positioner i amerikanske teknologibestande som den mest overfyldte handel i januar med den korte dollar på tredjepladsen. 18% af disse investorer ser også Wall Street-boblen som en af de risici, der er forbundet med økonomien.

En rekordhøj 92% af BofA-investorerne forventer også højere inflation og en rekord 83% stejlere rentekurve, mens de er bullish på global vækst.

ETH / BTC pair hits new all-time high: What happens after 100 percent growth in January?

Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network and is reaching higher and higher highs.

Ether ( ETH ) is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum Code blockchain network and hit a new all-time high on January 25th.

The technical analysis shows that the ETH / BTC pair is breaking out of its multi-year downtrend and has reached its highest level since September 2019. This is good news for altcoins in general.

Just under a week earlier, the ETH / USD pair had finally broken its all-time high and exceeded the $ 1,400 mark for the first time in three years .

Very positive mood in the community

The mood around Ethereum has become significantly more positive since ETH broke its previous all-time high of January 2018.

Anthony Sassano, a longtime Ethereum investor and marketing director at Set Protocol, said the rally reflects the foundations laid by developers in the Ethereum ecosystem over the past three years.

ETH and BTC development since the beginning of the year. Source: Digital Assets Data
Throughout the 2019 bear cycle, ETH suffered the most from the other large capitalization cryptocurrencies. Compared to BTC, it consistently underperformed and struggled to gain momentum.

But with this new dynamic as a result of the increasing DeFi demand, ETH has managed to outperform Bitcoin in this bull cycle . Sassano said :

„It may be hard to believe, but the main reason I love seeing $ ETH go up isn’t because of the profits. It’s the fact that so many dedicated members of the Ethereum community have spent 3 long years playing in the To build something in the course of a brutal bear market. And now your work is being rewarded. “
The on-chain data also shows a similar trend as well as numerous other indicators that suggest that the ETH price rally may have only just begun.

According to the researchers at Santiment, the development activity at Ethereum, for example, has developed similarly to the ETH course.

This trend shows that the current ETH rally is building on strong fundamentals and high developer activity. That also makes them more sustainable. The researchers said :

„#Bitcoin and #Ethereum each dominated each other here in January. We found that the #Github development activity of the two projects fluctuated closely with the respective exchange rates of $ BTC and $ ETH.“

What’s next

Analysts say the momentum from ETH and the network effect of Ethereum show that it is one of the most important assets in the cryptocurrency market.

Alex Saunders, a cryptocurrency investor, said „most agree“ when it comes to the qualities of Ethereum as a major asset. He said :

„Two years ago, $ ETH fell 90 percent in 9 months to $ 80. Most had written it off. But here we are at new all-time highs of nearly $ 1500. Its network effects are undeniable and most of them agree that it is an important asset. I love that. „

Bitcoin and taxes, in 2021 – How will the French tax authorities chase you?

The tax authorities, your supervisor of 2021 – As withholding tax is not generalized and irregularities remain, the declaration of personal income remains an essential exercise for everyone. In order to start the new fiscal year calmly, I offer you a summary of the crypto information to have in mind.

Cryptocurrencies, which transactions and which accounts to declare?

For now, the bill ’s finances for 2021 makes no mention of the tax framework changes applicable to digital assets. The only mention of the crypto-sphere is for digital asset service providers.

The taxation of cryptocurrencies in 2021 will therefore be similar to that of 2020 . Remember that the IRS distinguishes casual traders of traditional traders . These 2 statutes have different tax terms.

The assessment by the tax authorities of the quality of usual trader will depend on the frequency of operations as well as the amounts and gains made . Everything that follows is only for casual traders.

Occasional traders have 2 essential obligations:

The obligation to declare accounts on exchanges;
The obligation to report capital gains realized on digital assets.

Any digital asset or fiat fund account held overseas must be reported . However, only the detention is to be declared, not the amounts held. Therefore, this has no impact on your taxation, because it is a pure declarative formality .

The year 2020 was marked by the advent of DeFi, if you have participated in this ecosystem, you surely have gains to declare. Amounts received for activities, such as lending or yield farming , are treated as interest.

The interests as capital income are taxed at the flat tax – Lump or levy Unique (PFU). The 30% rate of the Flat Tax includes 12.8% income tax and 17.2% social security contributions.

Finally, you will also need to declare your income in digital assets . It is important to distinguish between income, what we perceive for a work done, capital gains, what we earn on a successful trade. If you mine or receive a salary in cryptos, you must declare it even, if you do not intend to convert it to fiat.

Note that the calculation of capital gains should be done according to the tax administration formula , which is not the same as that of a trader. To help you in this process, there are platforms and software that do the calculation for you , once you have imported your trading history.

2021 tax deadlines

In 2020, the deadlines for filing tax returns had been pushed back for health reasons. Currently, the 2021 fiscal calendar is as follows:

April 19, 2021: opening of the 2020 online income declaration service;
June 10, 2021: deadline for reporting 2020 on 2020 income by internet;
End of July 2021: receipt of the 2021 tax notice based on your 2020 income statement.
In view of the more than uncertain health and economic context, it is possible that these dates will change before the opening of the 2021 tax season.

Bitcoin-prijs komt dichter bij $ 30.000 met nieuwe recordhoogtes

Een snelle terugkeer naar vorm voor Bitcoin leidt tot 8% dagelijkse winst en geeft geen aanwijzing voor een diepere omkering onder $ 30.000.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) keerde terug naar het bereiken van records op 30 december nadat een nieuwe rebound het boven het hoogste punt van $ 28.400 bracht.

De BTC-prijs is ongekend hoog

Gegevens van Cointelegraph Markets en TradingView toonden aan dat BTC / USD zijn bestaande historische top aanpakt tijdens de handel op woensdag.

In een sterke heropleving van de ene op de andere dag bevestigde Bitcoin Profit dat het geen tijd had voor beren na een korte duik van $ 25.830 in de afgelopen 24 uur.

De dagelijkse winst bedroeg 7,5% op het moment van schrijven toen $ 28.560 werkelijkheid werd.

De verhuizing brengt Bitcoin steeds dichter bij het verzegelen van $ 30.000 als een nieuw psychologisch niveau voor het einde van het jaar, iets dat slechts een week geleden vrijwel onmogelijk leek.

Zoals Cointelegraph meldde , zijn analisten echter nog steeds van mening dat een omkering de grootste cryptocurrency zou kunnen terugbrengen naar de bestaande ondersteuning van $ 19.500.

Op dinsdag, Cointelegraph Markets-analist Michaël van de Poppe niettemin benadrukt $ 27.500 als het kritische gebied te breken, om de weg vrij voor nieuwe all-time highs effenen.

Etherprijs leidt tot winst op altcoin

De domino-impact van altcoins met grote kapitalisaties was duidelijk voelbaar, met Ether ( ETH ) die bijna $ 740 naderde na een stijging van 5,5% op een dag.

Polkadot (DOT) voegde toe aan de bestaande sterkte om de wekelijkse prestatie 50% te zien benaderen.

Net als voorheen was de uitzondering XRP , dat dagelijks 10% verlies handhaafde, aangezien voortdurende schrapping van de notering door grote beurzen het sentiment verder woog. De onrustige munt slaagde er niettemin in om $ 0,20 terug te vorderen.

Elon Musk verandert Tune op Bitcoin, zegt dat het zijn „veilige woord“ is.

Elon Musk Changes Tune na Bitcoin, mówi, że to jego „bezpieczne słowo“.

Spis treści

  • Tajemnicze odniesienia do piżma BDSM – debaty iskrzące
  • Piżmo jest bliskie stania się najbogatszym człowiekiem na planecie

Dyrektor generalny Tesli, Elon Musk, wraca do dokuczania społeczności kryptokurrency na Twitterze.

Tym razem, centybilioner ujawnił, że Bitcoin jest w rzeczywistości jego bezpieczne słowo do ponad 40,8 milionów zwolenników.

Kryptońskie odniesienia do BDSM w Piżmie wywołują dyskusje

Kryptoflora piżma to nic innego jak dziwaczne, a rozszyfrowanie, co dokładnie ma na myśli z jego najnowszym tweetem, jest wyzwaniem.

Można jednak bezpiecznie założyć, że wykonał kompletny U-krotny zwrot w stosunku do wiodącej kryptokurrency, ponieważ wyraźnie stwierdził, że nie było to *nie* jego bezpieczne słowo w styczniu.

Wtedy wielu zakładało, że jego tweet był albo czymś w rodzaju zboczonej gry BSDM, albo oznaką jego słabnącego zainteresowania kryptokurrency. W kwietniu 2019 roku, Musk tweeted że krypto walut, w ogóle, były jego „bezpieczne słowo“.

Teraz, gdy tabele się odwróciły, Piżmo może teraz postrzegać Bitcoin jako bezpieczniejszą grę niż altcoins. Byłoby to zgodne ze wszystkimi inwestorami instytucjonalnymi, którzy podtrzymują najnowszy rajd kryptograficzny.

Bitcoin to jedyna duża kryptofaktura, która od początku 2018 roku zdołała wydrukować nowy rekord.

W swoich kolejnych tweetach, Musk powiedział, że „tylko żartowałem“ podczas porównywania Bitcoin do fiat money.

Piżmo jest bliskie stania się najbogatszą osobą na planecie

Piżmo jest teraz w znacznie innym miejscu niż na początku 2020 roku. Po potwornym biegu Tesli, Bloomberg szacuje, że jest on obecnie wart 167 mld dolarów, dodając 140 mld dolarów w ciągu zaledwie jednego roku. Obecnie „tylko“ 20 miliardów dolarów dzieli go od wyprzedzenia dyrektora generalnego Amazonii Jeffa Bezosa i stania się najbogatszą osobą na świecie.

W ciągu całego roku Telsa dokonał wielu porównań do Bitcoina z powodu jego niepowstrzymanego rajdu.

Pomimo postrzegania krypto walut jako substytutu gotówki, sam Musk przyznaje, że posiada tylko 0,25 BTC. Według szacunków CSO Blockstream Samson Mow, jego skromna kryptoflora jest obecnie warta blisko 6.000 dolarów.

Cboe faz parceria com empresa de software para lançar índices de criptomoeda

Em uma tentativa de tornar os preços das criptomoedas mais disponíveis ao público em geral, fornecedora líder de soluções de comércio Cboe Global Markets está configurado para integrar índices de criptografia em seu sistema no segundo trimestre de 2021. A empresa informou que havia entrado em um parceria com CoinRoutes, que permitiria compartilhar dados em índices de criptografia, dados históricos e ticks em tempo real em ativos criptográficos.

Cboe agora pode usar feed de dados RealPrice

A CoinRoutes, uma das empresas de software líderes em Nova York, possui um conjunto de ferramentas de negociação algorítmica que usa para medir ativos digitais, derivativos e câmbio. A empresa também possui um produto inovador chamado feed de dados Bitcoin Circuit que é uma marca registrada e exclusivo para eles. Esta ferramenta integra o custo real de negociação de ativos digitais específicos imediatamente.

De acordo com a parceria, a Cboe agora tem o direito de usar o feed de dados RealPrice para fornecer um índice de criptografia personalizado para sua base de clientes.

Catherine Clay, vice-presidente sênior da Cboe, disse que a parceria com a CoinRoutes irá:

“… Trazem transparência para a classe de ativos e seus modelos de mercado usando dados RealPrice para criar índices e ferramentas que ajudam os clientes a entender melhor as criptomoedas e encorajam sua participação em um mercado nascente.”

A parceria da Cboe pode estimular a próxima geração de soluções de índice

O chefe de Índices Globais da Cboe Global Markets, Bruce Traan, disse que a parceria entre as duas instituições tem o potencial de inaugurar um novo conjunto de soluções de índice que ajudariam os usuários a tomar melhores decisões comerciais. Ele acrescentou que a ferramenta da CoinRoute fornece os dados necessários para a empresa devido à sua sensibilidade a taxas e tamanho.

Michael Holstein, o Chief Revenue Officer da CoinRoutes corroborou a visão de Bruce, dizendo que os índices ponderados existentes não levam em consideração fatores como as taxas ou a liquidez disponível nas plataformas de troca de criptografia. Isso, portanto, não fornece uma imagem real de comprar ou vender um ativo criptográfico.

Clay disse que, por enquanto, o Cboe fornecerá apenas dados para “um punhado” de criptomoedas de alto valor, já que o lançamento chegará em três fases.

“Eu acho que no segundo trimestre, você começará a ver os índices reais provenientes desses dados por meio de nossa equipe de índice global Cboe.”

No início deste mês, o S&P Dow Jones também anunciado que eles vão lançar um índice de criptografia em 2021.

This historic Italian bank invests in cryptocurrencies – its customers not at the end of their surprises

Criptovalute, per favore – More and more banks want to gain exposure to the growing cryptocurrency industry. This is now the case of Banca Generali, in Italy, which announces that it has made a large investment in the crypto-company of the wallet Conio, and which promises much more for 2021.

$ 14 million invested in a crypto-startup

The Banca Generali is one of the largest Italian banks. It is a private institution, specializing in the management of wealth for very wealthy clients.

Via a press release issued on 15 December, the institution announced it invested no less than $ 14 million in the crypto-business Conio , which proposes in particular a wallet Bitcoin (BTC). Banca Generali has thus become the main investor in a capital increase operation of the young crypto company.

This commercial partnership between Conio and Banca Generali will allow the bank to benefit from the startup’s crypto-asset custody and trading services . Bitcoin Up app already manages more than 150,000 cryptocurrency wallets for its mainly Italian clients.

Conio explains that he has developed a proprietary technology with patents designed to ensure the security of crypto storage , while reducing counterparty risk . In particular a patented guard system, based on multi-signatures , with 3 security keys.

A crypto offer to wealthy clients

Another important revelation: thanks to this agreement with Conio, the Italian bank announces that it will allow access to Bitcoin and other crypto-assets to its customers, starting in 2021 .

“(…) We anticipate that the future structure of financial markets will be influenced by blockchain technology, which continues to enable innovation through cryptocurrencies and in many other areas of the financial ecosystem. (…) The agreement with Conio means an extension of the services offered to our customers and a collaboration with a partner oriented towards innovation (…) ”

Christian Miccoli , co-CEO of Conio, also states that:

“This agreement with the Banca Generali is a big step towards a new era for the entire financial system (…). After 10 years of development and stabilization of their sector, cryptocurrencies are now entering a new tangible phase, entering the range of services of financial institutions. “

Without heavy regulatory barriers , the cryptosphere in Italy can progress and innovate to the point of now reaching the banks. For its part, thanks to this partnership with Conio, Banca Generali ensures that it is among the first transalpine banks to be able to offer cryptocurrencies directly, managed through its bank account.

Square and Grayscale purchased $2.3 billion worth of Bitcoin in the third quarter of 2020

The Bitcoin (BTC) share price has risen sharply in recent months. At the time of writing, the price of 1 BTC is around $15,300. The demand for BTC is unprecedentedly high among a number of large parties.

Billions of bitcoin

US companies Square and Grayscale bought BTC for $2.3 billion in the third quarter of 2020.

By way of comparison, in the same period of time, miners earned around $1 billion in bitcoin. This means that much more bitcoin was purchased by these two parties alone than new BTC became available.

That does not mean, by the way, that miners sell all that bitcoin. In addition to miners, there is, of course, a global market with potential sellers.

Square and Grayscale

Square bought 4,709 bitcoin as a saver. In addition, with Cash App, the tech company has a popular trading app in its hands. Via Cash App, Square sells hundreds of million of bitcoin per month.

Grayscale buys bitcoin for their bitcoin news trader fund. Investors can buy a share in the Grayscale Bitcoin Fund. With such a share you do not have to buy bitcoin yourself, but you can take advantage of any price increases. Grayscale recently bought BTC for $300 million within 24 hours.

Grayscale and Square are just two prominent players in the world of bitcoin. There are also millions of retail investors and other companies who also like to buy bitcoin.

If the demand remains the same, the question is when the liquidity on the sales side will dry up. Each time bitcoin goes from stock exchanges to a different address, which indicates a trend in which bitcoiners do not want to sell so quickly anymore.

And then there are also parties that are eager to offer bitcoin on a large scale. The most eye-catching name is PayPal. They are also going to facilitate the trade in bitcoin. Important note: with the Cash App, for example, you buy bitcoin which you can send to your own address. This is not possible with PayPal.

The bitcoin that PayPal buys remains in the company’s ecosystem. The logical consequence of this is that this BTC does not quickly come onto the market. In short: there will be even less bitcoin on the market to sell.

Crypto Lending: The Top Projects in the DeFi Sector

Crypto lending is currently the largest sector in the Ethereum Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector. More than $ 4.5 billion is in lending logs and the growth doesn’t seem to have stopped for a long time. On the contrary: Many suspect that 2020 will only mark the beginning for the emerging Ethereum sector.

The DeFi lending platforms want to make traditional financial services accessible to everyone without hurdles

The aim is to create an open banking system in which there is no central authority that controls the service.

With DeFi lending, investors and lenders use a decentralized system to issue loans or deposits against interest. Thus an individual or a company lends money against interest via a decentralized network. DApps, smart contracts, and other Immediate Edge scam protocols are used in both lending and borrowing.

What is crypto lending?

DeFi loans are different from traditional lending and offer users various advantages and disadvantages.

Hedge Funding

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and many investors are quickly frustrated by price fluctuations. DeFi-Lending offers investors the opportunity to deposit cryptocurrencies for fiat money. This allows investors to use fiat money to meet other needs without selling their cryptocurrencies.

For example, a company that holds crypto assets and doesn’t want to sell them could simply turn to a DeFi lending platform to deposit crypto for fiat. This would allow the company to finance a project without selling its crypto holdings.

Returns on holding crypto assets

In addition, you can be rewarded for holding your crypto assets without giving your cryptocurrencies to an outside party. This works by lending your assets at agreed interest rates that are set in a smart contract and receiving returns in return. Thus, as an individual, you can become your own bank. In the following, we take a closer look at the five largest lending platforms.